• Kundalini Yoga classes

    Weekly group classes in Watford & Kings Langley

  • Private Classes

    One-to-one and private group sessions available, with a personalised programme to suit your needs.

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  • Yoga & Meditation Workshops

    Themed workshops exploring the vast array of yoga sets and meditations for energy management, stress relief, and increasing happiness.

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Class Structure

A typical class consists of three parts: a physical work-out, a deep relaxation and a meditation.

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1: Energise

A prescribed combination of postures, breathing techniques and sound, creating a specific effect on the body and mind.

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2: Relax

A deep relaxation allowing the body to rejuvenate and distribute the energy stimulated by the exercises.

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3: Meditate

An opportunity to be present to the life force in your body, and to improve the relationship between your body and mind.

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