This advanced immune therapy hits at viruses and bacteria and gives strength to face life’s challenges. The head must be covered, in order to avoid getting a headache. It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the right hemisphere of the brain. As the glands shift in balance, you may find emotions surfacing in you, which will soon pass and lead to a light, energised and hopeful state.

To do:
Sit in easy pose, ensuring the spine is straight. Bend the left arm and raise the hand up to shoulder level, palm facing forward, forearm perpendicular to the ground. Make Surya Mudra with the left hand (the tip of the ring finger gently pressing the tip of the thumb). Ensure you keep this mudra steady. Make a fist with the right hand, pressing the tips of the fingers into the pads at the base of the fingers; extend the index finger and use it to gently close off the right nostril. Concentrate at the Brow Point.

Begin a steady, powerful Breath of Fire* really emphasising the beat at the navel – the navel must move.

Continue for 3 minutes. Very gradually increase the time to 5 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Whilst holding the breath, interlace all the fingers (beginning with the right thumb uppermost) and put the palms in front at a level just below the throat, about 14 inches away from the body. When you must, exhale. Repeat this sequence 3 more times. On the last exhale, discharge the breath by blowing through your upturned lips, with the tongue curled back on the roof of the mouth. Then relax.

*Breath of Fire: To do this cleansing breath, sharply exhale through the nose and feel your navel contract. Relax the navel as you inhale through the nose. Repeat this pattern of breathing at a regular rhythm, with equal length inhales and exhales. It can help to just focus on the exhale and contraction of the navel. DO NOT do Breath of Fire if you are pregnant or menstruating.

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