The breathing pattern in this meditation brings clarity and designs a strategy to prepare and use the mind and body effectively. This meditation resolves many conflicts and is an automatic reflex for survival. Inner conflict is the result of excess or disturbed prana (the life force energy that we receive on the breath).

To do:
Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Place the hands on the chest, fingers pointing toward each other.

The key to this meditation is the breath:
Inhale deeply and completely for 5 seconds.
Exhale completely for 5 seconds.
Hold the breath out for 15 seconds, by suspending the chest motion as you pull in the Navel Point and abdomen.

Begin with 11 minutes, building up to 31 or 62 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms up over the head. Relax the breath and shake the arms and hands for 15–30 seconds. Relax and breathe normally.

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