Many yogis would say, if you are to practise just one Kundalini Yoga exercise a day, then make it Sat Kriya! Its effects are numerous, even if practised for just 3 minutes a day. It purifies your being, encouraging anything negative to completely leave your system.

To do:
Sit on your heels with the arms overhead, elbows straight, arms hugging the sides of the head, and palms together. Interlace the fingers except for the index fingers which point straight up. Men cross the right thumb over the left, women cross the left thumb over the right. Rhythmically chant aloud ‘Sat Nam,’ pulling the navel point in as you chant ‘Sat’ and relaxing it as you chant ‘Nam.’ Try to keep the spine still and avoid shrugging the shoulders – let the motion come from the navel area alone. Aim to keep your rhythm and tone consistent.

Continue for at least 3 minutes (building gradually up to a max of 31 minutes, but best to try and perfect it for 3-11 minutes first).

To end, inhale, hold the breath briefly and apply Root Lock (squeeze the muscles around the rectum, sex organs and navel point) and mentally draw the energy from the base of the spine, up to the top of the skull. Exhale and hold the breath out for up to 20 seconds or as long as you comfortably can whilst applying all three locks (the Root Lock as explained above; the Diaphragm Lock – pulling the entire abdominal region upward and back; and Neck Lock – gently stretching the back of the neck straight by locking the chin in). Inhale and relax.

When Sat Kriya is practised as a kriya itself, ideally the relaxation should be twice as long as the amount of time spent doing the exercise.

Benefits of Sat Kriya:
– The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energise, and heal the body.
– It tones the nervous system and calms emotional disarray.
– General physical health is improved as all the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage.
– Strengthens the heart.
– Good for digestion.
– Helps to transcend fears.
– Works directly on stimulating and channelising the kundalini energy.
– Strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural flow of energy.
– Is particularly good for those with mental problems as it helps to rebalance the lower three chakras.
– The mantra establishes a quality of neutrality, allowing the kundalini energy to flow naturally, for clarity and healing.

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