A stiff spine that disrupts the flow of spinal fluid is one of the main causes of ageing, along with nutritional deficiency and intestinal problems.

Spinal Flex is a simple exercise that we often do as part of a warm-up in Kundalini Yoga classes. In 1973, a study carried out by the University of California, Davis, showed that this exercise, in addition to increasing flexibility of the spine, created a multi-stage reaction pattern that greatly altered the proportions and strength of alpha, theta and delta waves in the brain.

This is also an exercise to help release deep insecurities that might be decades old. Beginning to release these insecurities on a physical level can spark an incredible emotional transformation. It is important to clear old insecurities in order to free up the flow of energy in the body and avoid becoming unwell.

To do Spinal Flex:

Sit cross-legged, holding the ankles with both hands. Take a deep inhale as you flex the spine forward and lift the chest up. Completely exhale as you flex the spine backwards. Try to keep the head level, and lead from your navel rather than your head. For extra focus, you might also like to mentally vibrate Sat on your inhale and Nam on your exhale (Sat Nam meaning ‘Truth is my identity.’) Practise this for 3 minutes and then relax.

Spinal Flex releases tension around the first chakra and channels energy up the spine, whilst balancing the lower organs. It is likely to make you feel calmer and more centred afterwards.

Contraindications: Do not practise if you have herniated discs or disc problems.


spinal flex

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