During a meditation we are often instructed to focus our eyes at different points, which will stimulate corresponding meridians and parts of the brain. Here is a summary of the effects of eye focus, or ‘Dhrist.’

  • At the Third Eye point: By focusing the eyes at the Brow Point, just above the eyebrows, the sushmuna (central energy channel) is stimulated. It also stimulates the pituitary gland which develops your intuition.
  • At the Tip of the Nose: This controls the mind, which is locked in a triangle. The pineal gland is stimulated as well as the frontal lobe of the brain which controls one’s personality. New energy pathways are created in the brain patterns.
  • At the Moon Centre (Tip of the chin): Closing the eyes and rolling them down to the tip of the chin has a cooling, calming effect, allowing you to see yourself clearly.
  • At the Crown Chakra (Top of the head): Closing the eyes and rolling them upwards, as if looking through the top of the head, stimulates the pineal gland and the crown energy centre.
  • One-Tenth Open: Having the eyelids light and relaxed and slightly open makes you calm and develops intuition.


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