Sadhana is a Sanskrit word for daily spiritual practice. Although it can be done at time of the day, the best time for Sadhana is the two and a half hours before sunrise when the energy of the Earth is calm and quiet, resulting in one’s practice having a more powerful effect. However, making your practice any time in the morning before the rest of your day starts will greatly benefit the quality of your life, and even if you decide to practise in the afternoon or evening you will experience the benefits, as long as you commit to practising every day.

Sadhana is Victory! Getting up early and defeating that part of you that doesn’t want to get up is a self victory; you will become incapable of being defeated. We also need a constant level of energy to face the whole day and Sadhana can provide just that.

Sadhana is usually the practice of yoga or meditation but could also be reading a spiritual text or a going for a walk in nature. Whatever helps you to clear your consciousness, enabling you to connect with the infinity within you. After practising Sadhana daily you soon come to understand that your ego is small and finite and separates you from everything else. Your spiritual practice allows you to turn inward, connecting you to your True Self which is infinite and connected to All. Being spiritual is not about religion; Sadhana will strengthen your relationship with God, the Divine, the Universe, or whatever your belief.

Sadhana develops your commitment and discipline. Doing just a few minutes every day, no matter what, means you overcome excuses and laziness. The mind and the ego can come up with all sorts of reasons to keep you from doing what is truly good for you. Sadhana puts you in control of your mind.

So plant a tiny seed, and by practising your Sadhana for even 5 to 10 minutes every day, you water it and it takes root, builds firm foundations, grows and blossoms and then one day bears fruit. Commit to your Higher Self; expand your radiance and become calm, happy centered and strong. Turn challenges into opportunities. Ignite your inner light and let it guide and carry you through each day.

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