This meditation was given by Yogi Bhajan on 12 June 1990. Although a wonderful meditation to do at any time, it seems particularly pertinent with the New Year around the corner. Now is an especially good time to consider any changes we want to make in our lives and to put new plans into place, as we are supported by the energy of the new moon in Capricorn on 1 January 2014.

The meditation for beaming and creating the future is threefold. It works to clear the mind of any distracting thoughts and attachments, increasing the mind’s capacity and creativity when we then project the future we want to manifest.

Part One: Sitting in Easy Pose (cross-legged, or otherwise on a chair with feet flat on the floor), stretch the spine up straight and close your eyes. Hands rest in Gyan Mudra (tips of index fingers and tips of thumbs touching) on your knees. Drink the breath in a single, long sip through a rounded mouth. The code the mouth and exhale through the nose, slowly and completely. Continue for 7-15 minutes.

Part Two: Inhale and hold the breath comfortable. As you hold the breath in, meditate on zero. Think to yourself: “All is zero; I am zero; each thought is zero; my pain is zero; that problem is zero; that illness is zero.” Meditate on all negative, emotional mental and physical conditions and situations and as each thing comes to mind, bring it to zero – a single point of light; a small, insignificant non-existence. Exhale and repeat. Breathe in a comfortable rhythm. 7-11 minutes.

Part Three: Think of the quality or condition you most desire for our complete happiness and growth. Summarise it in a single word such as “Wealth,” “Health,” “Relationship,” “Guidance,” “Knowledge,” “Luck.” Lock onto this single word and thought. Visualise facets of it. Experience the feelings of having this quality or condition in your life now. Inhale and suspend he breath as you beam the thought in a continuous stream. Lock onto it. Relax the breath as needed. 5-15 minutes.

To End: Inhale and move your shoulders, arms and spine. Then stretch your arms up, spread your fingers wide and breathe deeply a few times.

With blessings for the New Year, from Yoga123 x

This meditation can be found in I Am a Woman: Essential Kriyas for Women in the Aquarian Age, ed. Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa, KRI, 2009, p.26

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