Please note that there is no class on Tuesday 6 May, but we are back the following week on 13 May.Join us this Tuesday 29 April though for a class where we will be doing a Kriya for abdominal strength, toning and fitness, and a meditation for healing and helping us to overcome any phobias.

Here is a bit more information about what we will be working to develop in this class:
  • Strengthening, unblocking and balancing our Solar Plexus (Navel Area). The navel area is also known as our Third Chakra. It is written in ancient texts that “All yoga starts at the navel point”. It is more than a single point though, it is a centre of energy in the body. The Navel (Third) Chakra is located behind the belly button and in front of the spine. The endocrine gland connected to this Chakra is the pancreas, the element connected to this Chakra is fire and the colour, like the sun is yellow.
  • The Navel Chakra is the centre of our well being, courage, self esteem and will power. With a strong and balanced Navel Centre we have control over our own life and the energy and enthusiasm to get things done, to initiate and complete actions. We have mental and physical vitality and it’s where the feeling “yes, I can” stems from and the ability to inspire others. When it is weak or unbalanced, we may feel our life is controlled by others, we see the power as outside ourself rather than feeling it within. As this Chakra is located in the stomach area we may experience eating disorders or digestive problems if this Chakra is not balanced. We may feel low energy levels or negative emotions such as anger, greed or envy. If you are stressed or nervous you may feel it in your stomach like butterflies.
  • When you unblock, strengthen and balance this Navel Chakra, you develop a core strength. With belief in yourself, you can do anything you want to. Be positive and focus on what you want in life. This Kriya gives an internal cleansing, strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

This week’s meditation is for healing and also helps to eliminate phobias. It creates an internal sensation of heat so nicely follows the above fire element Kriya. 

See you on the mat!

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