In our next class at The Meeting Room on Wednesday 30 April, 20.00-21.00, we will be practising a Kriya for disease resistance. Suitable for all abilities, it is an excellent exercise set for building physical strength in the body. It is great for keeping digestion and elimination functioning well, which are both essential aspects for good health. Good digestion is directly linked to the immune system and can help us avoid feeling run down.

This Kriya also works on balancing our metabolism and gives us energy and heartiness. There is a short period for relaxation within the Kriya, reinforcing the importance of giving ourselves time to recuperate and relax, in order to maintain good health.

After a relaxation we will practise a lovely meditation together which is very calming, physically, mentally and emotionally, and encourages heart-centred living.

I look forward to sharing with you this wonderfully balancing Kriya and meditation.

Sat Nam



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