In our next class at The Meeting Room on Wednesday 7 May, we will be practising an exercise set for the adrenals and kidneys

In the fast pace of modern day living, our adrenals and kidneys are often overworked as we struggle to cope with every day stress seeming to come at us from all angles. With the adrenals and kidneys not functioning at their optimum level, it becomes hard to keep up and we can get caught in a vicious cycle, feeling more and more drained of energy.

But we don’t have to feel like a ball in a pin ball machine being thrown about by life! We can regain control and boost our energy levels by supporting our adrenals and kidneys, and also drinking plenty of water. This gives us the reserve of energy we need to stay on top of things and avoid feeling tired and snappy. This kriya works directly on stimulating the adrenals and kidneys and attaining glandular balance, helping to give us that extra edge to accomplish whatever we set out to accomplish, without draining our energy resources.

Keeping the adrenals and kidneys functioning well also controls anger and hypoglycemia. This set assists the body in being able to handle stress more efficiently, taking pressure off other organs, particularly the heart.

After our kriya and relaxation, we will practise Sitali Pranayam, which is a wonderfully cleansing breathing technique that also cools and calms the whole body and mind.

If you haven’t already booked your place, please contact us if you would like to come for a detoxifying and refreshing boost this Wednesday, 20.00-21.00 at The Meeting Room in Kings Langley.

Sat Nam

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