Sat Nam, hope you are enjoying this glorious sunshine. Just wanted to send a note about this week’s class.
We will be doing a Kriya focused on developing the strength of the navel (or “Nabhi”) centre. The navel centre is the seat of your physical well-being. In prenatal stage, we were fed at the navel point. It was our lifeline and major center of energy. As adults, we still have that navel/lifeline connection, but it is an energetic connection to the Infinite Source.
On the physical level, when this area is weak, we often feel like victims of external forces. A strong and balanced navel chakra gives the power to maintain a course of action and accomplish things. It gives the ability to break habits and create new positive ones.
This Tuesday’s meditation is about releasing negative thoughts and becoming still, then focusing on positive thoughts and your happiness. After clearing the mind of distracting thoughts and attachments, it has tremendous capacity and creativity.
Please eat light before class!
With love and light, Sandra x

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