It is said that when a woman practises the Grace of God meditation every day for one year, her aura will become tipped with gold or silver, and great strength and God’s healing powers will flow through her. The technique of positive affirmation has been around for thousands of years. This mantra is one of the most powerful affirmations a woman can use, and the meditation is designed to evoke and manifest the inner grace, strength, and radiance of each woman. Once you have learnt the governing energies of each finger (see list below), it is a very quick and easy meditation to do. Try practising it twice a day for 40 days. It is recommended for women going through menopause to practice it x5 a day. It is also best to practice it on an empty stomach.


Little Finger (Associated with planet Mercury and element Water)
Our power to relate and communicate, subconscious communication with self 

Ring Finger (Associated with the Sun and the element Fire)
Physical health, vitality, grace, and beauty 

Middle Finger (Associated with planet Saturn and element Air)
Channelling emotion to devotion and patience

Index Finger (Associated with planet Jupiter and element Ether)
Wisdom and expansion, opening space for change 

Thumb (Associated with Earth)
Positive ego

 Lie on your back, completely relaxing your face and body, eyes closed.

(If a man practises this meditation, he says “I am IN the Grace of God.”)

Take a deep inhale and hold the breath in whilst silently repeating the mantra x10. I tend to tense a finger with each recitation in order to keep count.

Exhale completely and hold the breath out, and repeat the mantra again x10.

Continue this process of repeating the mantra x10 on each inhale and x10 on each exhale, for a total of 5 inhalations and 5 exhalations. This totals 100 silent repetitions.

PART TWO: With your eyes still closed, breathing normally, slowly come sitting up into Easy Pose (cross-legged, with a straight spine). Bring the right hand into Gyan Mudra (the tip of the right thumb gently pressing the tip of the index finger). The left hand is held up by the left shoulder, palm flat and facing forward, as if you are taking an oath. Starting with the little finger, tense one finger of the left hand at a time, keeping the other fingers straight but relaxed, and meditate on the governing energy of each finger, before repeating the mantra aloud x5.

Continue this sequence for each of the remaining fingers, finishing with the thumb.

To end: Relax and meditate silently for a few minutes.

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