This simple meditation is very powerful. Only 5 repetitions of the mantra “ONG” are required to completely elevate your consciousness. Ensure you keep the posture correct and chant the mantra by closing the back of the throat and using the head like a conch. This is a great little meditation to do whenever you need a boost of energy and want to avoid feeling drained.

Here’s how to practise this meditation:

Sit cross-legged with a straight spine and tucking the chin back slightly. Interlace the fingers, keeping the Sun (ring) fingers together pointing upwards. The right thumb is on top. Hold the hands a few inches away from the diaphragm, allowing the Sun fingers to point at 60 degrees. Eyes are closed.

Inhale deeply, and powerfully chant the sound “ONG.” The sound is prolonged, and is vibrated through the central subtle nerve channel, the “Sushmuna,” accessed by vibrating the centre of the nose.

Continue chanting long “ONGs” for at least 5 repetitions.

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