Meditation for a Calm Mind and Strong Nerves

This is a nice and simple meditation I am currently enjoying as part of my Sadhana and wished to share with you. It is a great meditation to practise daily to build strength in your nervous system, helping you to cope with stress more efficiently, and also keep the mind focused and calm, and protect you from irrationality. Here’s how to practise it:

Sit with a straight spine in easy pose (cross legged) or alternatively sit on a chair.
MUDRA: For men, hold the right hand at ear level with the thumb tip and Sun (ring) finger touching (fingernails don’t touch). Place the left hand in the lap with the thumb tip and the Mercury (pinkie) finger touching. For women, the left hand has the thumb and ring finger touching with the hand at ear level, and the right hand is in the lap with the thumb and little finger touching.
EYES: The eyes are one-tenth open.
BREATH: Breathe long and deep with a relaxed, rhythmic breath.
TIME: You can practice this meditation anywhere, starting with 11 minutes and working up to 31 minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply, open the fingers, raise the hands and shake them rapidly for several minutes. Relax.

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