Yoga123 is passionate about empowering children and giving them tools to feel happy, confident and peaceful. As well as offering private one to one and group children’s yoga classes, from toddlers up to teens, we plan to add public weekly group classes to our timetable soon if we receive sufficient interest, so please contact us if you are interested!

**UPDATE: Kids Yoga Ages 3-8 Scheduled to Begin February 2020 on Sunday Mornings at Bourne End Village Hall**

Just a Few Benefits of Children’s Yoga Classes:

  • Helps with children’s left and right brain co-ordination
  • A great way to exercise and develop physical co-ordination, flexibility and balance
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Promotes self-discipline and determination
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Develops social skills through group exercises and non-competitive games
  • Exercises children’s imagination and creativity
  • Teaches children breathing techniques and physical exercises to help them learn how to relax by themselves
  • It’s uplifting and we include inspiring, positive songs which are also great for memory development
  • It is a chance to have fun!
  • By the end of class, children are usually more focused, content and calm

Classes include exercises delivered in a dynamic, storytelling way. Poses may be interpreted as objects or animals and together we build a scene or explore a story together through yoga. Often the children are just having fun without noticing they are exercising and working on a very deep level, developing their inner peace, balance and strength. We also have a relaxation, helping children learn to unwind and cope with any stress effectively and come back to their natural state of harmony and happines.

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