The Power of Meditation

Meditation is part of our Kundalini Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga classes. It gives you time to be present to the life force in your body. Through regular practice of meditation you can improve your intuition and clarity of mind, break negative habits and release fears and blocks. You can learn to recognise your emotions before they arise which gives you the ability to choose how to act rather than simply react. You become the master of your body and mind.

Scientific experiments have shown there is a physical difference in the brains of meditators vs non-meditators, with the frontal lobe of the forehead, which controls the personality, being more developed in meditators. Meditators can develop the ability to stay focused and grounded in even the most chaotic situations.

As you clean your body with water, you should clean your mind with meditation. Through regular practice you can learn to live from a deeper, more peaceful consciousness and observe the play of life without becoming overwhelmed.

Most Kundalini meditations use breath or mantra…


Your breath is a reflection of your attitude to life. If you breathe shallowly, you stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which increases anxiety and you cannot fully experience the pleasures of life. Difficulty breathing in fully or holding the breath in reflects a difficulty in embracing life or feeling worthy to receive. Difficulty breathing out fully or holding the breath out reflects a difficulty in letting go of emotions or fears. Your breath is directly linked with your emotions and energy level so by practising altering the depth, rate and pattern of breath, you affect your mental state, metabolism and vitality.

Pranayama (energy management through breathing techniques) is a key part of Kundalini Yoga. Unless stated, we breathe through the nose, stimulating the pituitary gland and the third eye.

The mind follows the breath. The key to controlling the mind is in controlling your breath.


Many kundalini meditations use mantras. A mantra is a creative projection of the mind through sound (Man means ‘mind,’ Trang means ‘wave’). We sometimes mantras in English but mostly we use mantras in the Indian Gurmukhi language, however the mantras are so magical that they have the desired effect even if you do not know what the words mean. There are mantras for abundance, creativity, protection, joy… the list is endless! It is based on an ancient technology – chanting particular sounds with set tones and rhythms along with the reflexology of the tongue on the roof of the mouth alters your neural chemistry, helps to achieve hormonal and emotional balance and establishes a unique communication with your higher self which also instills clarity. Even when chanted silently, mantras are still an excellent tool for controlling your thoughts and directing the mind to a positive outlook.

The entire universe is built on sound, or vibration. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds, your signals can affect situations, people and events. Mantras draw to you whatever you are projecting. The Universe is the Uni-Verse. We are all one vibration. Everything is connected and you can tap into the limitless pool of energy to best serve yourself and others.

Coming soon: Meditation classes in Kings Langley on Thursday evenings. Contact us to put your name on the list!

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