Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Kings Langley

Pregnancy yoga tones important muscle groups and builds strength, minimising aches and pains. It helps with balance and also improves circulation which can decrease any swelling and enhance immunity. Learning to breathe fully helps to calm the nervous system and can reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Yoga also provides tools for labour and birth. Above all, it is a delicious opportunity to connect with your baby and to your inner joy. When you feel calm and happy, your baby feels calm and happy!

Fortnightly pregnancy yoga classes will be commencing soon at The Meeting Room (36 Langley Hill, Kings Langley WD4 9HE). Classes will include gentle physical exercise, deep relaxation, sonic massage (humming and mantras – your baby loves to hear your voice!), breathing exercises and tools for labour and birth. Our aim is to leave you feeling nourished, energised yet relaxed, and uplifted. Classes cost £15 or £50 for 4 consecutive classes and must be booked online. Pre-booking is essential as the number is limited to 6 pupils.

It is also possible to arrange one-to-ones (£45 for an hour) or private small group classes (£56 for two people or £75 for 3+ people for an hour). Please contact us to arrange.

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